Green Ships AS

Green Ships AS is a consultancy company involved with design and building of vessels which are optimized for a greener environment (reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions such as CO2, NOx, SOx, Methane and PM).

Green Ships AS has been involved with different types of vessels; offshore vessels, fast ferries, cruise ships, and specialized vessels such as drill ships, crane/accommodation barges and shuttle tankers.

Green Ships AS offers consultancy for shipowners, shipyards, maritime equipment vendors, sub-sea contractors and finance institutions.

Green Ships AS has also been involved as manager/owner of smaller fast ferries, and have also been involved as minority owner in some ship owning companies.

Special features of Green  Ships AS vessels are:

  • Modern hull form with low resistance, improved operability and motion characteristics

  • Advanced hybrid power plants, normally based on diesel-electric/gas turbine with WHRS, pluss also battery/windmill systems

  • Use of advanced multi propulsion systems

  • Use of dual-fuel systems, combining diesel and/or LNG as required